Help....Internal,local cals...asterisk network

Hello all,

I want to implement a network that will be like this…
There will be for example 3 locations,that each location will have an
Asterisk and each Asterisk (in the same network), will be several clients-IP Phones.I know how to make calls in one location from one IP Phone to other,but what is going on (how is the configuration files),if I want to call from one IP Phone from Asterisk1 to another IP Phone from Asterisk2?
And is it possible to have a centralized Asterisk that will be connected to each asterisk(Asterisk1,Asterisk2,etc)…What happens with configuration files(sip.conf and extensions.conf)?
Can you help me to clear the whole point?I 've read several tuts from, etc but it did not help me…I am a kind of confused
I will appreciate a lot ,If someone can help me
Thanks a lot!!!


it’s actually not that complicated. you simply create an IAX2 trunk between each Asterisk server, then in your dialplan you create extensions for calling the remote phones that Dial(IAX2/trunk_name/remote_extension) or you can even use Dial(remote_extension@remote_Asterisk_box) and dispense with some setup if you provide username/password as part of the dial.

the page at … al+servers should be enough.