Asterisk PC to PC calls

Can you let me know if it is possible to configrue asterisk to do PC to PC calls and if so how is it done? Two machines, one crossover cable, asterisk on both - set to a and with a headset. Can it be done ? I have very little Linux or Asterisk knowledge but I am going to try and dod this for my college project - and hopefully capture a few packets with RTP of SIP information. Would really appreciate any help in this matter

hi black1e,

this is possible.

first you would set up networking so you could ping each other etc.

Then you would set up your two asterisk servers and use a SIP or IAX2 trunk between them

A softphone on each server could call the other with the right configs.

Alternatively, you could have one Asterisk server and hand 2 extensions off it and achieve the same thing.

You don’t need to Asterisk servers unless of course you just want to do this for your project.

if you have little asterisk / linux knowledge, then you will have an interesting challenge ahead of you :smile:

good luck,

Sean Browne
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Hey thanks for the advice seabro - the two mahines can ping each other etc - but I am not sure how to configure asterisk. I have very little linux knowlede and as asterisk is all command line - I don’t even know where to start. You mention a SIP trunk - how is it done what are the commands. Is it done using the netconfig command ?