How to join 2 centrals?


I have 2 Asterisks serwers on 2 networks. Clients form those networks can phone each-other in their own network, but i don’t know how to configure asterisk so that clients form one network could call clients form the second network.

Has any1 ever done that?
Maybe sb has some links?


Just configure an IAX2 connection between the two asterisk servers. On each one, you put an entry for the other one in iax.conf.

Then, of course, you’ll have to set up your dialplan in extensions.conf to route calls between the two servers.

To simplify things, you’d probably make sure each server has its own set of unique extension numbers - for example, phones on asterisk 1 have extension numbers in the range 4000-4999, phones on asterisk 2 have extension numbers in the range 5000-5999. Then you can route any calls to extensions beginning with 5 placed on asterisk 1 to asterisk 2. Etc…