Connecting a second location to our main asterisk server

i heard that connecting multiple phones from a single network accross the internet to an asterisk server caused problems. What would be the best way to go about connecting around 20 voip phones from an external network to a remote asterisk server without causing problems?

if you have 20 IP phones on another network at another location, you would be best served by putting an asterisk server in the remote location and trunking it to the server in the first location [that’s what iax was designed for]. this will be more efficient bandwidth between the two locations and it will allow extension-to-extension calls within the remote office if the internet connection goes down.

you could make 20 individual sip connections to the server from a remote LAN but you will have a lot of work to do on the network routing to avoid a whole mess of problems with the RTP traffic flows.

first of Multiplz location uers with single asterisk is working fine. i was try that & using same for last 1 year.
Now i think you have to check many parameters like

  1. your that users(location2) behind nat means on local network a
  2. also to work with multiple user at diffrent location user device your asterisk on public ip
  3. also use same settings like user name & password or secret that you use in Asterisk sip.conf mainly nat=yes & qualify=yes
    4.At you remote location devices plz configure parameters like proxy=your Asterisk server ip,nat keep alive register=yes,regsiter expire=3600 so you can register that device with ur asterisk.all this device level paramters which is imp.
    plz check all this try to set it possible as your asterisk pbx on public ip.