[HELP] Incoming Calls not Ringing (extension 's' rejected be


I am new to Asterisk but not new to VoIP.

I installed Asterisk on my QNAP TS 209 II NAS as a QPkg, and it has a GUI and I have been using that GUI.

I have successfully created a 2 trunks (MyNetFone & Pennytel) and mutliple users, and tested that internal calls work. Outbound calls also work.

However when I use an external phone to call the trunk (inbound number 09110166), it never rings any of the phones.

I have setup the inbound rule: _X. to go to the ring group “ALL” which contains all extensions.

Whenever I call the log shows:
[Jan 2 01:29:10] NOTICE[3346] chan_sip.c: Call from ‘09110166’ to extension ‘s’ rejected because extension not found.

I have Googled this, and searched on many forums (last 5 hours) but without success at an actual easy to follow answer.

I am totally new to Asterisk, so am having problems when people say “create extension s under this context” so need to know how to diagnose where the problem is, and how to fix it, but step by step.

Your inbound trunk is not configured (by your SIP provider) for direct in dialling. You will either need to get it so configured or use exten => s,… rather than exten => _X.,… to handle incoming calls.