No calls via softphone/voip possible


I just installed Asterisk and I am having trouble setting up my connection.

I can’t receive incoming or outgoing calls.

In Asterisk I have set up the Voip-Trunk which is successfully registered.
I created a diaplan and a time interval. For incomming call rule I set the pattern to _! and for outgoing as well and the trunk to my voip-trunk.
I created a user with extension 6000 and a password. I have installed the softphone adore premium and entered the ip of the server as well as the username and the password. It registered successfully and asterisk is showing that the extension is free.

I can make internal calls (from one ext. to another) but I can neither receive or make calls from/to the outside world.

Any ideas what the problem might be?



in extensions.conf use _X. for your incomming context also same for the outgoing contex

check that you have given proper contex name.

also post you cli results here for both incomming and outgoing calls

I solved the outgoing problem by now but incoming still won’t work.

I use the gui btw, so i don’t do my configurating in files. but still i changed the incoming pattern to _X. which he automatically interpreted as “catch all” but still i get this output:

[Jan 4 12:32:51] NOTICE[14853] chan_sip.c: Call from ‘my voip provider’ to extension ‘s’ rejected because extension not found.

I don’t know, where this extension “s” is coming from. The only extension i set up is 6000 (which I set up as the ext. for the incoming calls.)

Any ideas?

For inbound calls from that provider, setup a match on extension “s,” then which is the unmatched extension. Sounds like your provider isn’t sending a call to DID 6000, just that they’re sending you a call. The “s” extension will catch it.


maybe I’m misunderstanding you… but I can’t set up an extention “s”, because it says, that the extension has to be numeric.

and isn’t the idea behind extensions, that you can take a general call to an voip-number and route/forward them to any given/created extension?

What is saying they have to be numeric? Asterisk imposes no such restriction.

Is there an undeclared GUI at work here?

I have a qnap TS-210 and installed the qpkg package, that was provided. Version number

This is the GUI with the prompt to enter sth. numerical:

I’m not familiar with Asterisk GUIs, but, from reports from other people, they generaly make a distinction between trunks and extensions and you seem to have configured an extension, when you should have configured a trunk. Because you didn’t mention the GUI, you have been told how to configure Asterisk, and, in particular, how to configure Asterisk "exten"s, not how to configure a GUI’s extension or trunk abstraction. Asterisk itself, does not distinguish between trunks and extensions.

As I said, I’m not familiar with Asterisk GUIs, but yours seems to be Digium branded; I wonder if that means it is a commercial product, in which case you should use the commercial product support channels. (Maybe it is a loss leader, or maybe they licence the branding for advertising reasons.)

That GUI is:

  1. imposing restricitions that go beyond those in Asterisk;
  2. not expected to be used to directly configure exten entries for the special one character extension codes.

You may well find that the GUI confuses the Asterisk device and extension concepts.

See the tab that says “Incoming Calling Rules?” That’s the one you want to build an s extension in, to route to your user.