[HELP]: Can I use Asterisk just for Voicemail?

I was considering a full installation of Asterisk, but now can get cable phone lines for cheap. They will work with my current PBX. However, my voicemail server is on its last legs. My vendor quoted me $40K for a replacement. (Sounds like he wants a new truck!) Can I use Asterisk for just the voicemail piece? Any suggestions on how to get started would be appreciated.

I think the answer to your question is probibly “sure”, but I only have one month’s worth of experience with asterisk. If all you wanted was Voice Mail, you could build a server with a simple dialplan that would route all calls to the VoiceMail application. I think you would probibly find a number of additional things that you could accomplish in addition to simply voide mail, however, I’m sure you could work something out for far less than 40K.