Asterisk As a Voicemail Server

Hi Guys,

Asterisk is indeed a telephony programming language with so many features. its really cool.

With what I have seen so far, many people don’t like to replace their old proprietory PBX for Asterisk, but they always like it to either work as an IVR or Voicemail Server.

The question now is can there be a standard way of making Asterisk a Voicemail Server (only) to existing proprietory PBXes? (Like the Lingo Box, intuity audix e.t.c). considering the fact that unanswered call from Avaya or Panasonic PBX extensions have to goto voicemail of the same extensions in Asterisk.


Any idea or links regarding this will be appreciated.


Hi Kay,

I succesfully installed Asterisk as voicemail system for Avaya S8700 through H323.

I changed dial plan, Uniform Dial Plan, aar, route pattern, sig group, trunk
Stations extensions has a coverage path wich route busy/unanswered call to coverage remote extension. This coverage remote extension route to asterisk.
E .g someone call me at avaya extension 22616
coverage path 10, coverage remote to 82616, 8 is part of u.d.p and route to h323 to asterisk. Asterisk received 82616 strip and replace 8 by 2 and go to voicemail 22616.

Notification are sent by mail but should work through qsif mwi if you have an E1 board

I’m currently using Asterisk as a voice mail system for a Cisco Call Manager Express system. I found a site that explained how to set it up ( and that ended up being my first experience with Asterisk. Now we’re starting to quote it to clients.


Hi guys,

Thanks so much. I will try out this ideas now. I actually need to use Asterisk as a Voicemail server for an Avaya Definity G3i, an Ericsson BP250 & BP50 and for Panasonic KX-TD1232 and the likes.

Will get back on this page as soon as I finish in my lab.


I tried the link for Call Manager setup and it does not work. I would also like to setup Asterisk as a Voicemail server for an Ericsson MD-110. Any ideas? I was thinking of connecting it up to a spare E1 circuit using a digium ISDN-PRI board. The only thing that I am really concerned about is the passing of caller ID from the Ericsson to the Asterisk server.

People have done it in the past. Your best bet would be to look for docs and see if any one has docs out there. Also post on the asterisk users list and see if anyone has info on how to do it (

Since I see people are actualy using the Ericsson BP50 and we are planning to buy one for company use I was wondering: is there a way to use this PBX as a gateway to the outside world via the IP card that we are going to purchase. I can then setup Astriks in the local branches with all the bennefits of implementing and getting to know OSOSS products in a business environment!!!

Thanks in advance