[help]can asterisk record the incoming call Nr.?

the question is same as the title


and can you tell me that with which feature i can realize the function

you’ll help others help you by giving a bit more information. i can assume you mean CallerID or can i ?

to help you more, you need to say where the call is originating from, how it’s being delivered, and what information you want to see/present/store.

Asterisk server as PBX box connect with PSTN and 20 IP phones behind the Asterisk server.
I m not clear how I can keep a record of all the incoming and outgoing phone numbers.For ex. If I missed a call, I should be able to see the missing call number on my PC
will the diffrence of the originating of the call cause diffrent recording method?


if you’ve included the mySQL modules in your build, and have an appropriate mySQL server and tables setup, then you can get CDR for your call records.

once the records are in the database, you can get them in the usual ways, reporting using a web server seems the most likely option.

i’ve seen plenty of people assume that as Asterisk supports CallerID they’ll get it when connected to a PSTN line. not the case, your telco needs to provide it in the first case. also, some ITSPs don’t always provide CallerID when cutting costs.

thanx :smile: