Asterisk Server Logs?

Hi all,

I am researching VoIP and IP PBX and came to Asterisk as I need to get down to the basics of some source code I can actually toy with. I figured I better find out if it will meet my project needs before sinking some heavy time into this though (I’ll also keep looking/googling for an answer in the mean time and hope my luck changes). My questions are as follows:

[ul]1. As Asterisk is similar to a server, does it keep a type of server log to show how both incoming and outgoing calls are routed from me to the destination? I would appreciate any examples of Asterisk server logs if they exist.

  1. Do these server logs include details about the phone numbers called and perhaps the IP routing in making that call?

  2. On IP routing and server logs, lets take the following circumstance: I call a phone number or receive a call from a phone number that has been assigned to an IP PBX or VoIP software program that is not in my local network. I want to know this remote party’s IP address that they use on their VoIP/IP PBX lines. Are there ways of using Asterisk to determine the other “remote” party’s IP address via any Asterisk server logs? [/ul]

Thanks in advance for any answers.


The logging of calls done by Asterisk is, as of 1.8, done using something called Channel Event Logging (CEL). We’ve got some Wiki pages on it here: … +%28CEL%29

That should handle the the first and half of the second question.

For the second half of the second question and the third question, the short answer is “not really.” But…you know the IP of the peer to which you register and send calls to. And, peers registered to you should be known by you. Why are you curious about the IP address as opposed to the specific login credentials?

Thank you for the pointer Malcolm, from the pointer I see you are the authoritative expert :smile:

I confess much ignorance of v1.8 having spent all my time in v1.6, at first I did not see the correlation to first part of Q#2 (CDRs) until I read your documentation on CEL and now I see that CEL is a superset of CDR… I love learning something new


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