Newbie post about Alcatel+Asterisk hardware interface

Hi All,

I’ve been following your messages and I would like
to say you are very knowledgeable people.

May I ask you a few questions?
I’m a little confused about the hardware interface between Asterisk and legacy PBXs.

This is what I would like to accomplish:
1-. Expand current Alcatel 4300L to accomodate future requirements.
2-. Use Asterisk PBX Linux based solution.

From what I know I think we need to connect the Alcatel 4300L to Asterisk via a E1 interface.

For what I understand I can use a card like this:
Digium Wildcard TE411P in the asterisk box and this would provide me with 4 E1 ports to a grand total of 120 channels available, right?


1-. Is it possible to connect a Alcatel 4300L to asterisk?
2-. If it is possible, what card do I need in the Alcatel 4300L to connect to the Asterisk box?

I’ve been searching the web but I only found information related to Alcatel 4400 and I don’t know if this would be applicable to 4300.

Any information or links you could provide me would be appreciated.