Help About Zap

i’m wondering if i can make more than one calls over a zapata channel and how can i do that
thank u

Not at the same time.

First, lets assume you mean analog (POTS) FXS ports. You can send a 2nd call to it, and the user can hookflash to switch just like a normal phone. The calls are identified as ZAP/3-1 and ZAP/3-2 (assuming its zap channel 3)… However you can’t have more than one call over the same channel at the same time (unlike SIP/IAX/etc).

If you mean PRI, the same thing applies. You can’t have two calls over an individual channel (b-channel) at the same time but you can still place a second call to one. OTOH, you can also group your channels and dial it that way, and zap will use a free one. This is only useful if you are calling a PBX or something that doesnt care which channel you use (IE not a channel bank)