Multiple ZAP channels usage in Outbound

Hi Every one,


In my extensions.conf file i have assigned my zap channel to a variable and i am using that to do outbound. But my two agents are unable to do outbound at a time.

In my extension.conf

outbound pattern

exten => _91XXXXXXXXXX,1,AGI(agi://
exten => _91XXXXXXXXXX,3,Dial(${TRUNKX}/${EXTEN:2},55,To)
exten => _91XXXXXXXXXX,4,Hangup

Now i want to use more zap channels to do outbound.
But i do not know, how to assign more channels to do outbound.

Please help me out in this issue.

Thanks & Regards

you can try in this way: Dial(dahdi/1&dahdi/2,15,tTr).

I think he is actually after g type addresses, but to be honest I wasn’t too clear.