Weird: Same call incoming for 2 different zap channels

Hi Sirs,

My client is reporting this weird behavior: Occasionally, he gots same call entering for 2 diferent ZAP channels (for example 27 and 84) when this happen that call is asigned to 2 differents agents (asterisk thinks there are 2 different calls), and both agents can ear an speak with the caller like in a conference room.

Our box is running asterisk 1.2.23 and we have 8 E1-PRI, most of them used for inbound calls.

I suspect this problem can be originated at the E1 provider, however i will like to know if someone can give me some points about what can be happening.

Thanks for any idea,


Try upgrading to 1.2.24 as well as the latest zaptel drivers. Also ask your question on the asterisk users list (