Hello, Can you hear me? Where is the sidetone?

This may have way more to do with SIP phones than Asterisk, but I’m just trying to find out if sidetone actually exists on any hardphones of any brand. If Asterisk has any control over this functionality, please let me know but I don’t expect so. I’ve setup an Asterisk 1.6.2 box with 3 completely different SIP phones (Polycom IP550, Aastra 57i, and Snom 870) all of which have virtually inaudible if not completely non-existent sidetone.
I realize echo is a common problem in VoIP and introducing sidetone may not help the situation, but people are used to hearing their own voice when making calls. It seems like the earpiece completely mutes when you talk into the handset, like a speakerphone would…


Side tone is a handset issue , it has nothing to do with the PBX,

But having deployed 100’s of Aastra 5Xi handsets side tone or lack of it has never been an issue, it is configurable anyway, We have ours set to -5 normally as 0 caused complaints.


Well I’m just glad to hear it exists. :smiley:

If any of the three models that I mentioned have configurable sidetone, they don’t make it accessible from the web-based configuration. So I guess I just happened to get a cross section of phones that are sidetone challenged. Sweet…



Read my post again I have deployed 100’s of 57 55 and 53 sets and have set the sidetone to -5 on ALL of them

No its not configurable from the web gui and I wouldn’t want it to be, its configurable from the config files that are used for deploying the handsets.

[quote]So I guess I just happened to get a cross section of phones that are sidetone challenged.[/quote] not at all you have got 3 enterprise grade handsets deployed on 100’s of sites worldwide that are expected to be configured and deployed via config files and not by hand.


Hi Ian,
Thanks for the clarification. I thought the X in your model number was a constant instead of a variable. (Duh!) I suppose my 57i’s must be in need of different firmware then, as no one would bother to turn that setting down from the defaults that mine came out of the box with. Now that I know that it should work ok, I’ll find the auto provisioning docs and try to make some headway. Thanks a bunch.