Haw to generate a tone to the caller during the call

I look for how to generate a tone to the caller (like signal call) during call.

Exists it an app or cmd for this?
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Please provide more details of your requirement.

Playback and Playtones can be used for unbridged calls. The L option of Dial might fulfil your requirements for bridged calls. ChanSpy, in whisper mode, can be used for both.

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Thanks david551 for your answer.

I am learning with an asterisk 16.2 on ubuntu server with PGSQL in realtime.
During a call, i would like send a sound (a tone like signal) to the call out caller.

In my table extensions, i have:

id - context - exten - priority - app - appdata
1 - pjsip - _1XX - 2 - Dial - PJSIP/${EXTEN}
2 - pjsip - _1XX - 3 - Hangup -
3 - pjsip - _1XX - 1 - Authenticate - ${CDR(accountcode)}

For example,
I would like a tone to the call out caller 30 sec after the start of the call.

Or by a external process.

How would you proced?

Best regards

By getting a better understanding of what your are trying to achieve. However, as a start, look at the L option, on Dial, possibly with a very large final timeout, and a correspondingly large first warning offset, and if not suitable, explain why.

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