Removing DTMF tones/beeps for extension numbers

I’ve an application that sends call via my voip provider’s access number(DID) using format, tel:#. I am using asterisk 1.8 server to validate the call and dial back . But when the number is passed, the caller hears discrete DTMF tone/beep for each of the extension number - tak,tak, tak… before the the welcome message could pick up. This causes considerable delay in the call and the subsequent destination connection.
Is there a way to eliminate the beeps by changing the configuration (sip.conf, extension.conf or another one)? I will appreciate if any one can help…

I don’t think Asterisk can send tel: URIs!

If you are sending an tel: URI, it is the remote system that is echoing the tones. If you need a pause in the dial string, you will get a delay before the call connects.

David, thanks for your quick response. Now, I understand that the tones are coming from the calling device.
To eliminate pause and tones, I plan
a) to save the extenstion/destination and caller id beforehand to a database. Then
b) invoke tel: from client
c) Then in dialpaln, get the extension by matching caller id from the database.
Is there a way to set the $EXTEN variable with the extension found in ©? Anyway, I need to do pattern match on the extension (_NXXNXXXXXX etc) to do further processing.

To set ${EXTEN} use Goto(). However, normally one would just use something other than ${EXTEN} when dialing.