Hardware Requirement

Hi Everyone,

I have been working with asterisk/Elastix for long. I was running it for small setup before now want to deploy it for approx. 1000 seats. I am concerned about the best hardware to be needed for this setup. It will be really appreciable if someone can help me to make a feasibility report for this so that I can forward to my manager…

Currently this is my setup:

Elastix 2.0
Phone: Cisco 7940/7960
Channels - SIP, IAX, SCCP
No PSTN Lines
Codecs: Defaults


How many Erlangs?
What codecs?
Do you use external bridging (direct media) on the SIP, and if so how many of the Erlangs are SIP/SIP.
What is your usage for features that require the Asterisk core to process media?


thanks for Reply David.

erlangs = 25
Codec = g711u
there is no external bridging

this is my current setup but by next year these are going to be increased to double almost.