System requirements for my setup?

Hi everyone,
I’ve read a lot but trying to find real system requirements for my setup. A lot seem overkill or not what I need. Here’s basically what my setup will be:

  • Desktop PC running Elastix
  • TDM410 with 4 analog phone lines connected to it
  • 5-9 Cisco IP phones
  • System will be running our voicemail, IVR, queue and so on. 80% of the time only 1 person is on the phone at once, 10% maybe 2 on the phone, 6% with 3 on the phone, and 4% if that would be 4 people on the phone at once.

With myself there’s 5 users that would be using the phones. The other extensions are conference room, seating area, and 2 unused sales desks.

I’m just trying to figure out what type of minimum requirements I should have for this type of setup. Its obviously very small. When/If we grow, I’d say the most on the phone would be if those 2 other extensions have employees at them, at which time I’d probably add 2 more analog lines but that’s it, and I don’t really foresee that happening.

What minimum CPU, HDD, Ram should I be looking for? Thanks!!!

Have a look @

Thats a good article on Voip-info.

It all depends on transcoding and simultaneous calls. Practicaly anything PC based that has been built in the last 5 years will do the job.

Obviously, if you also want to run other services such as CRMs and such, you may want to throw some more RAM / CPU, but for a stand alone system with phones only, we have some clients running, with SIP only, separate Epygi SIP / analog gateway devices for PSTN lines and G711 codecs on little Atom 270 based systems with a 60Gb SSD and 1024 RAM.

Hope this helps