Hardware requirement

I am new to this one and I would like to set up something to test some concept.
The plan is to install Asterisk and using program to dial out to a IP line like vietalk. Then add some text to speech. What type hardware I need?

second one: what is the difference between Asterisk and asteriskNow? which one I should use?

And sorry for the simple question with great appreciations!


If you are only calling to/from SIP phones, the only hardware you need is a PC capable of running Linux and equipped with an ethernet port.

Asterisk is an application. It can be installed on a PC which runs Linux. Installation generally requires that you download source code and compile several related components and supporting libraries.

AsteriskNow is bootable CD which will install Linux and Asterisk on a wiped-clean PC.

The result of either installation is the same. AsteriskNow is a quick-and-easy way to get there. Installing Linux and Asterisk separately is more educational, but will take more of your time.

Thanks a lot!
I installed debian and I am in the process to install asterisk.