Installing Asterisk from source question

If i install Asterisk from source, i suppose that i have to install linux (of course) and then Asterisk, but, when installing linux, wich kind of packages should i select. (mysql, etc)

I will like to have a GUI too. How complicated it gets to install Astrisk from source compared to A@H, and have all the components that you get when installing A@H?


There are several packages that you need. I dont have the list off the top of my head. If you know linux it should not be that hard to install. When it comes to GUI’s things can get a lil sticky. If you want an all in one system then I would reccomend that you just use A@H

I built Asterisk on the Debian distribution. has the following wiki with Debian specific instructions:
Including packages you need to install.
I suppose you can find equivalent instructions for other distributions there as well.