Hardware - Remstream rem-8200

Hello All,

Didn’t know where else to post this. I purchased one of the Remstream rem-8200 cable modems which has embedded 2 port voip.
These are pretty much a ‘one off’ cable modem produced by company Rembrandt,FYI.
I was hoping to possibly use the two voip ports on this modem in conjunction with my Asterisk setup. ( I do have cable as my ISP).
Bottom line. I had to figure out on my own how to gui into the cable modem,as there is NO documentation on these units. Once into the web gui there are No provisions whatsoever for the voip port configuration. As though they do not even exist on the unit. The web gui has no provisions for even the cable modem part of the modem. You can not even ‘spoof’ the mac address of the unit as most cable modems at least provide this functionality.
Hope this may help someone that may have purchased this unit for use with Asterisk.