Hardware needed?

My office currently has an old PBX that is working fairly well, but we want to add in an * system for several reasons

  1. expansion… we are simply running out of ports
  2. after hours transfers
  3. voicemail, which our current PBX doesn’t support at all
  4. IP phones

however we would like to keep the existing analog phones that are set up at the desks.

I’m fairly new to phone systems, and have no idea what I need to start looking for to connect the ~25 phones into the system. I currently have a Digium TDM400P card with 3 FXO and 1 FXS module which is working well for testing, but I can’t see using more TDM400P cards as a solution for 25 phones. Are there FXS banks available at a reasonable price that are fairly simple to link into Asterisk, or would we be better to do a complete conversion to IP phones through the office, and use another TDM for the few places where analog lines are required?


convert to IP phones

you wont get all the features on an anologue handset

you could use ATA devices to convert analogue phones to run on a data network rather than plugging them all into the server