Handover with Asterisk

Does Asterisk support handover (like in GSM)? The problem i have is this:

I have two networks net1( and net2( These are connected WiFi routers, and i can route packets from one network to the other.

Asterisk server has an IP and is in net1.

I also have two SIP mobile phones in net1 with addresses in the range.

I want to make a call and move with one mobile phone to net2 (it automatically gets an address in the range, but when the phone changes the IP address the connection is lost. I have to call the other phone again to establish a connection.

Is there a possibility to switch between different networks without disconnecting the call (to perform a handover like in GSM)?

Here is a network diagram of the described problem:

Still no useful information found.

I wouldn’t expect it to support it. I am not aware of any mechanism in SIP that would support this.

You should make the two networks mutually routable, i.e. create an internet. This is done in the OS and routers not in Asterisk.

I found out that SIP does support mobility, and it is called mid-call mobility (or in-session mobility), and now im wondering if asterisk can support this.


Asterisk doesn’t support it. I’m not aware of any later version of it supporting it. I doubt that anyone on this forum would be using it, even if it did support it.

I think you should take the lack of an answer as meaning everyone believes the answer is no, but it not prepared to do the research needed to absolutely confirm that.

Alternatively you should look through the UPGRADE.txt documents for every version after 1.6 and also the documentation associated with the inclusion of PJSIP.

Ok, thank you