[HELP] with SIP phone on wireless network

I have an Asterisk at Home server on my home network at with a mask of and gateway of I have two windows 2000 machines at and with a SIP softphone that are able to make calls from extensions and receive calls from an FXO card. So everything is working fine on the network of I have another wireless network that is at and connected to The Wireless network uses a Linksys router with the WAN side at and the LAN side at with a gateway of I have a wireless laptop at that is able to communicate to the home page of the asterisk server at, but when I try to log in with the SIP phone on the laptop at it is unable to login and just times out. I have added the info below to the sip.conf file and then did a reload on the server at the command line, but this did not work. I have also tried putting the ip address in a DMZ on the router at, but this did not work either. I also tried adding nat=1 to the peer group in the sip.conf file and this did not work either. When I try to ping from I can ping (the Asterisk Server) but when I try to ping from the asterisk server I cannot ping So is my problem a simple routing issue, where I need to add a route to the asterisk server to see the network? If so what is the route command to add this route? The route would go from to WAN side of the linksys router) to the DMZ machine



bindaddr = ; Local interface
externip = XX.XXX.XXX.XX ; Public IP address
localnet = ; Local LAN, internal clients etc.
localnet = ; Local LAN, internal clients etc.

I’m not surprised! What did you expect it to do?

Is there NAT between the server and the client? If there is, you haven’t mentioned it. If there isn’t what do you expect the “nat = 1” statement to do?

Yes. It certainly sounds like it is, anyway

This is basic network admin stuff. Have you read the ‘route’ man page? The command you need is:

man 8 route

Also read the linux network adminstrator’s guide: tldp.org/LDP/nag/nag.html

And some of the linux networking HOWTOs at: tldp.org/HOWTO/HOWTO-INDEX/n … NETGENERAL

Probably something along the lines of:

route add -net gw

By the way, posting your problem in one gigantic block, without paragraph breaks, makes it very hard to read and difficult to understand - certainly not conducive to logical thought. Often with problems like this it pays to put at least as much effort into explaining your problem as the effort you hope other people will put into helping you.

For one thing, it makes it easier for them to help you - and the easier you make it the more likely it is that someone will bother. Also, it can often add to your understanding of the problem. Sometimes, just framing the question properly gives you the answer.