H323 installation on 1.4.2


         i m useing asterisk 1.4.2 and i want to install the H323 in my asterisk box . i have download the open H323 and the PWlib file but i dont know where to keep those file and how to compile . can any one help my out to know the step by step procedure

If you use binary form of libraries, you should just run configure script and it should found them.

In case you downloaded sources, you should set OPENH323DIR/PWLIBDIR environment variables pointing to openh323 and pwlib source directory respectively, and build pwlib then openh323 (configure; make opt). After you have openh323/pwlib libraries, you should run Asterisk’s configure script (with OPENH323/PWLIBDIR variables set) and it should find your libraries. Then build your Asterisk as usual.