Compiling Asterisk 1.4.2 with h323

my apologies for the question but could you point me in the proper direction as where to start on installing asterisk 1.4.2 and making h323 native to it?

resources/tutorial/howto’s would be appreciated as well.

many thanks.

good point to start:

thanks for the reply

yes i have looked into it and compiled the versions specified by the file. but when i enter the channels/h323 directory and issue a ‘make opt’ command all i get is a ‘No rule to make for target opt’. any ideas what might cause this or any thing that i have not done prior to running this command. both pwlib and open h323 compiled without problems. i have also specified both PWLIBIDIR and OPENH323DIR.


You should never specify PWLIBDIR/OPENH323DIR directly. Instead, use configure script to detect OpenH323/PWLib libraries, then everything should go flawlessy.



thanks for your reply…may i know what you meant on your reply? how should i set PWLIBDIR and OPENH323DIR? can you provide an example? thanks…

  1. If you built libopenh323/libpwlib from sources
    Go to Asterisk source directory, then execute
    (export PWLIBDIR=/usr/src/OpenH323/pwlib; export OPENH323DIR=/usr/src/OpenH323/openh323; ./configure)

I assumed that all H.323-related stuff located under /usr/src/OpenH323 directory. Also, do not forget to add directories
to your /etc/ then run ldconfig after you built your pwlib/openh323 to make dynamic loader to know about the libraries.

  1. In case you use binary packages comes with your distribution
    Just go to Asterisk source directory and execute

It should be able to locate the libraries, verify that their versions are compatible with chan_h323 and produce valid building environment settings for chan_h323.

In case configure script is unable to locate the libraries, open a bug at, and we will handle this case. Be ready to provide list of directories where libraries are installed and list of content of those directories.