OpenH323 Issue

Hi All,
I’m having some problems compiling Asterisk version 3.7.2 (business edition).
I upgraded to Linux 6.2 and I can’t get h323 driver to work with above mentioned Asterisk 3.7.2
(business editions have different versioning numbers so this is not a typo).
Here are more details:
Currently I’m using openh323 based on pwlib library but this library doesn’t compile on RedHat 6.2 anymore. I don’t know what’s the reason for that but it doesn’t compile.
So, I moved up to ptlib instead but openh323 doesn’t work with ptlib. Since I can’t use openh323 I had to use openh323plus but now Asterisk doesn’t see/recognize openh323plus, so I’m stuck.
Can someone please help me out with this issue? I have requirements that state I have to run RedHat 6.2 so I can’t go back to an older version and I’m trying to get that openh323plus to work with Asterisk 3.7.2.
Thanks a lot

Isn’t it possible to build ooh323 channel driver via menuselect from asterisk source?

No, it’s not. The h323 option isn’t available in the menu. It has xxx next to it. This means that the object/module wasn’t even found or recognized to be compiled with rest of the asterisk.
That’s my dilemma. If this was easy as selecting it from the menu I’d be happy but it’s not that simple.

Any other idea? Thank you

XXX means there is a missing dependency. It might not be the obvious one. You need to look at the complete menuselect output, when you select that line, to see what is missing.

I know what’s missing. My first/original posts explains that. So I know why I see xxx next to h323 option. My question is how do I get the openh323 based on pwlib library to compile on RedHat 6.2, or how do I get the openh323plus working with Asterisk 3.7.2.
I either can’t get openh323 to work (compile) on RedHat 6.2 and that is dependency for the h323 option (so it’s missing), or I can’t get openh323plus to work with Asterisk, which would satisfy the dependency, if I could get to work. For more details please see my first post.

Problem solved.
The code of pwlib library had to modified to get it to compile with new GCC compiler that comes with RedHat 6.2. There was an issue with const that previous version of GCC didn’t complain about.
(before a warning was issued, with new version of GCC an error and compilation stopped).