h323 channel faststart with cisco gateway issue

Hi All,

In my test scenario, asterisk (h323)->cisco gateway, only g711ulaw allowed. The cisco gateway always sends fastconnectrefused for setup messages with faststart from asterisk.

I studied this issue and found h323 channel driver sets g711ulaw capability to max_ms, 150. The cisco gateway rejects faststart. After I changed the code to set g711ulaw capability to def_ms, 20, the cisco gateway accepts faststart.

Would anybody please tell me if the codec capabilities are configurable or hard coded in h323 channel driver? I mean using max_ms, min_ms or def_ms.


The h323 channel driver I referred is chan_h323.

Another call scenario is tested. cisco->asterisk(chan_h323)

  1. cisco sends setup with faststart and mediawaitforconnect=false
  2. asterisk sends back progress with faststart because of mediawaitforconnect=false
  3. asterisk sends back alert
  4. asterisk sends back connect with fastconnectrefused

    The call is completed without faststart.

The direct reason is when asterisk sends progress with faststart, it deletes logicalchannels. When it sends connect, it cannot find logicalchannels and disable faststart.

Does anybody have any idea how to fix this issue?