[HELP] Trying to get Asterisk to use Cisco router as gateway

Hi everyone,

Firsty, apologies if I’m about to ask the dumbest question ever, or one that’s asked every day! I have had a look around and can’t find anything obvious that answers my question but if there is please point me in the direction and I’ll go humbly on my way!! :smile:

I’ve been using Asterisk for a couple of weeks and love it. We’ve got a bunch of different softphones and a couple of hardphones working nicely but are trying to get to the next step. I’ve got a Cisco router with a E1 voice card in it and want to get the Asterisk box to use the Cisco as the gateway to the world. We’re thinking it will be easiest to get the Cisco to run as a H.323 gateway at the moment but am open to suggestions if I’m about to go down the wrong route.

Has anyone done this or have any idea where I can find some pointers?

Any help would be most gratefully received.

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Remember, there are no stupid questions, only stupid people. :smiley:

What you suggest should work as long as the Cisco can take the E1 voice channels and convert them to h323 or preferably SIP. You can then define a channel for the cisco for h.323 or SIP. I believe that if you want to use 323, you need to download and compile OpenH323.

If your E1 is combined voice/data consider making it data only and using a VoIP provider. If you use an efficient codec like iLBC, GSM, or G.729 you can get upwards of 90 voice channels on a data PRI. This may also cost less than your local telco.

Check www.voip-info.org , there you will find tons of info for setting up H.323 and other such things. Hope it helps, let us know if you still have questions!