Cisco -> Asterisk

Hello everyone,

We have a problem sending calls from our Cisco 2800 series router to all of our providers that are using Asterisk. We have many termination providers that are Asterisk based and every time we send them calls, the calls drop exactly 31 seconds after its connected.

We are sending the calls with g711ulaw codec.

Here is the config on the Cisco:

voice service voip
allow-connections h323 to h323
allow-connections h323 to sip
allow-connections sip to h323
allow-connections sip to sip
signaling forward unconditional
fax protocol t38 ls-redundancy 1 hs-redundancy 1 fallback pass-through g711ulaw
h225 timeout setup 10
modem passthrough nse codec g711ulaw

voice class codec 99
codec preference 1 g711ulaw
codec preference 2 g729r8 bytes 40
codec preference 3 g723r63 bytes 48
codec preference 4 g723ar63 bytes 48

dial-peer voice 1004 voip
description CallingCard
destination-pattern …T
voice-class codec 99
session protocol sipv2
session target ipv4:
dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric
no vad

It takes exactly 31 seconds for the call to drop. Its the same with every single “Asterisk” based provider.

Any ideas?

I have never sent from Cisco to asterisk so I would not know for sure what the problem is but my first guess would be to look at a trace on the cisco box and see what happens at 31 seconds. Also see if your providers can get a trace on their end.