H264 video format not getting converted to be played by player

I am using Asterisk 16.8 Certified version.
Using conference bridge making a video conference (format is H264) and recording it in H264.
But not able to merge H264 format video file and corresponding audio file creating mp4 format file. Even H264 video file is not getting played.

Is there any other way to record the video conference directly to MP4?
Note: I tried to download the res_mp4 from git and not able to compile under Asterisk 16.8 version.

There is no support for such a thing in Asterisk, you can’t record a video conference.

Currently I am recording the video and audio both. Video is in h264 format. Can be played back using asterisk.
My problem is, I am not able to convert that to portable format like MP4 which can be played back any player.


Assuming portable means widely supported, I’ve had trouble sending MP4 to people with Apple devices. Also MP4 is a container, and the contained codec may not be supported, even though the container is.

I’d look into whether ffmpeg can do the container addition and merging.

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