Is Asterisk support for video conference?

how could I configure asterisk to support video conference?thank you!

As far as i know asterisk does not support video. Sorry.

Asterisk can pass H.263, H.263+ or H.264 traffic, but can’t transcode between them. If both endpoints have the same codec (avoid negotiation by forcing the same codec), then it works quite nicely.

I’ve got four GVP endpoints (Both 3000 and 3140) all set to h.264, and it works perfectly.

Edit: you need to add videosupport=yes to the top of your sip.conf to get it to work. At least you do in 1.4, not sure if that’s changed in 1.6.

Not true.

There are Asterisk applications for video conference, not sure how well they works because I never tried them, I would try the media mixer and its web interface (mcuweb) from .


Marco Bruni


I have used app_conference with video support, works ok

Just need to get your head round the VAD workings.