Unable to play video

I am unable to play video from local file on Asterisk call. I have tried multiple ways to create video files using ffmpeg. Can some one clear the following doubts:

  1. Does asterisk play both audio and video from a single file or it needs separate files for Video and Audio for playing.
  2. Can someone provide an ffmpeg command to convert an mp4 file into asterisk playable h264 or vp9?

It’s separate files, but be aware this is one of the least developed/used/touched parts of Asterisk. It may or may not work. I have no ffmpeg commands for it.

Thankyou so much @jcolp, there is even no documentation on how to convert files for playback. I event tried to record a file through asterisk and play it back but even that fails. Can you comment if I convert an h264 file into 2 separate audio and video files will it work as it is or there is some particular format which is needed.

The video has no container. It is the underlying raw frames.

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