GUI Config Help Version 1.8

Hi Guys,
Just need alittle help basically configuring my Asterisk via the GUI version 1.8 i have a UK SIP provider which i have configured and registered on there network. My issue is getting working examples of Dial Plans for incoming and outgoing calls. DDI setup for instance if i want one DDI to go straight to the conference room etc what is the setup please?

Any help would be much appreciated and can unfortunately only do it via the GUI.


Rockyuk :question:

This is the wrong forum for GUI questions. If the GUI is part of AsteriskNow, you might qualify for the AsterkNow Support forum, otherwise none of these forums is really appropriate.

To make the a DID number go directly to a conference, you simply call the conference application as the first priority matching the DID number, e.g.

exten => 123455678,1,MeetMe(…)

(Meetme is deprecated, but I can’t remember the application name for the replacement.)