Incoming DDI displayed on SIP phones

Hey all,

I have a small office system up and running. We have a number of DDI’s registered with our SIP provider coming in over a single SIP registration and being routed accordingly. This is working correctly.

The problem we’re having is that we don’t know what number the caller called, i.e. We have a UK and an Irish sales number both routing to the same sales group of phones. They want to be able to see on the phone screen (Cisco SPA504G) which number the caller dialled to get into us as this will effect who and how the call is answered.

Can this be done with asterisk?


I don’t think the Cisco can do this, but you can cheat by setting ${CALLERID(name)} to the required value, which should easily be available at the start of the dial plan execution.


That worked perfectly! Thanks for that. It’s easy when you know how!