Asterisk calling card platform, best GUI for setup?


I’m new to Asterisk. What I want Asterisk to do is, answer calls that come in via DID’s that use SIP or IAX protocol, prompt the caller for an account number and PIN, check the account and PIN and then prompt them to enter the number to call. I will need billing for this too. Outgoing calls will use various terminations using SIP or IAX.

My problem is, being new to Asterisk and all, I am finding the interface quite complex. Part of the problem is stuff never quite works even if I copy out configs I see online. I have Googled around for a GUI to help me, but most of the GUI’s are centred around a “normal” PBX setup and don’t seem to cater for what I need.

So any advice on a GUI that will help me to achieve this?? I am getting v. frustrated :frowning:

(My O/S is Debian so I need something compatible with that. I’ve had major problems with most of the GUI’s out there I’ve tried, one claims it needs glide when I already have it, and others refuse to load-up for no apparent reason.)

Thanks in advance.