GSM gateway integration


Does anybody use GSM gateway integrated with asterisk ?
What i want to receive is:
dialplan checks - if extension number is a cell phone number redirect such request to GSM gateway (it’s connected thru RJ45 to network).

How can i do that ?
What GSM gateways could you recommend ?


i use a Telular SX5e attached to a spare FXO port on my A200 … the dialplan intercepts certain numbers and dials the port, waits a second or three, then sends the number wanted as DTMF … works nicely.

if it’s a network device is it connected via SIP/H323 ? if so, then normal dialling rules apply … Dial(/@||)

  1. ok, but are there any GSM gateways which could be connected to rj45 and act as SIP/IAX2 ? it would be the most simple solution for me.

  2. I checked: Telular Phonecell® SX5e / SX5T, it’s connected to server using serial port. Does asterisk see it ? Can asterisk handle any similar device ?


no serial port needed … unless you want to use it to send SMS.

use the wiki at and search for GSM gateway … you’ll find plenty of options … both FXS/FXO and SIP/H323

They have lovely GSM gateways. (Including IP ones that support SIP). It works great for me.