Gsm gateway?

looking at adding some sort of gsm gateway to my experimental asterisk box and found this … dZViewItem

theres no way i would spend this when ive seen them go for as little as £25UKP but my question is…

would i connect this to an FXO port or an FXS port

my guess is FXO becasue from what i gather this unit gives you a dial tone…

anybody done anything like this?


I use this product: … ts_id=1291

It enables me to use my gsm cell phones as our extension phones.

No need to buy all new IP extension phones.

It has a private user group function based on the GSM CID for Cell --> VOIP access.


they can operate as a trunk provider, or an extension, depending on what you’re trying to do.

i use a telular sx5e linked to a PAP2. to make a call to a mobile (i use t-mobile mates-rates for all the household mobiles) i can dial the extension setup for the FXS port on the PAP2, the sx5e then gives me a dialtone and i can then call the mobile … or …

i use the ‘speeddial’ i have setup, which then calls the extension, waits a few seconds for an answer, then plays DTMF to the sx5e, which calls etc etc.

beware of some of these units on eBay though, i’ve been bitten once and that was enough.