GSM audio File Player

I need a better player for playing the .gsm audio file besides using Quick Player. Hopefully this player is a freeware and also able to increase the speed of audio while the .gsm file is been play. I try the K-Lite Code and foobar b4 but it is fail to play this file. I hope all other can help :laughing: Thx :smiley:


Dear i am using winamp for this purpose and its working fine … it also give me option to fast forward and fast rewind… so i would recommend you to use Winamp for playing gsm files…

Like other players winamp don’t have built in plug in for gsm file but you download a plug in from the link below

Hope it will work…

Thx Shafique, winamp is a good option for GSM but it need to paid for the license :confused: . Is that any where that i put the .dll file u provide into foobar? cause foobar and winamp are using the almost same engine. Or there any else software that is free?

You can get Winamp from here…

and GSm Codec from here…

I have tested they both are free of license…so enjoy! 8)

Many many thank for shafique. Thx for the reply and ur help :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha :laughing: Finally i know what i looking for… Actually I try to looking for a GSM player which have the playing speed setting for the audio like the Windows Media Player 11. Sry for shafique because make u so confuse and maybe wasting the comments u put at the previous reply :blush: :blush: But i hope some one can help me pls :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

My Pleasure!

Help… I have no problem to play the GSM using Winamp. But the new problem occur now is when i want to speed up the GSM audio file using the plugin provide by Winamp which u can find here

None of it work on the GSM file. Mean the plugin cant speed up the file. But the plugin are work fine for other audio like .WAV, .mp3 and etc… Help !!! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I really need for the player that i request. Can anyone help ??? :blush: :blush: :blush:

It’s not free, in fact it’s rather expensive, but it works with EVERYTHING, and does all the editing you could possibly want for any audio files.

It’s Adobe Audition. I use it. It’s probably the last editor you’ll ever need to buy.

I find a good site which introduce what is GSM and also some of the player for GSM files. I like to share with u all and hopefully it can help. :smiley: