Grandstream GXW4108, work OK? Opinions please

Thanks to Ian (ianplain) in thread “Asterisk on VMware, phone line connections how?”, I started looking at FXO Gateways and found the Grandstream GXW4108 for around US$350 which is pretty reasonable compared with US$1000 for an 8-port POTS interface card.

My question is, for those of you that have used the GXW4108, how do you like it? Is it performing as expected? Is there another one that is significantly better without being two or three times the price?

Would appreciate some general opinions before plunking down what for me is becoming a large chunk of change (since this is a pro bono project for a public service non-profit)… thanks…


I recommend this gateway to 100%,

as it represents the relation best between cost-benecifio, this Gateway is very easy to program and fulfills all the functions in SIP standards,

This is the configuration if you use a Asterix … terisk.pdf

and if you are using a elastix is this … rixbox.pdf

best of this manufacturer’s is the support free, please follow the link for you can create a ticket and they will help gladly with your questions

best regards