Trouble with Warning error

A quick setup of what I am running. I am using asterisk as a go between for my Telco and NEC 2400PBX. I was having a problem being over trunked in the NEC because of the way it handles its outbound caller id. So I placed an * server in between the telco and NEC to push the caller IDs that I want without having to have tons of extra trunks. I am currently running 3 LD pri’s through the * and NEC. When i first set this up I was having trouble with 3 specific trunks on the 1st incoming pri. I ended up excluding these trunks on the * to even use these channels. When I did that everything worked great for me and I have been running wonderful for the last 3 weeks. 300k calls so far.

So now today I am getting an error popping up that I havent seen once in the last 3 weeks. It is -

[Jul 14 15:04:08] WARNING[6165]: chan_dahdi.c:13150 pri_dchannel: Ring requested on unconfigured channel 0/x span 1

where x is 1 of the 3 channels I excluded.

My questions are :

Why is this just now happening?
How can I resolve this issue without putting those 3 channels back into the mix?

I assume you all will need more information so if you do please just let me know what you need and probably how to get it as I am new to * in general.


anyone have any ideas or do I not have enough information to go on?

What card are you using for termination to the PSTN?


Please contact our Support department directly so that they can work with you.