PRI: ! Got reject for frame

We have Asterisk (actually Switchvox) installed for a small physician office. It’s been up for about 2-3 weeks, but we have problems with PRI errors that occur every hour or so … sometimes more often, sometimes less.

We have replaced hardware ( PC three times, cards [TE110P], cables - and the Telco (Time Warner Telecom) even swapped out some of their hardware.

Telco testing revealed “all of our stuff tests fine - but we see the “line errors” all over the place so it must be your PBX”

Having now replaced all of the hardware, and tested the software configuration with a box that the software vendor tested themselves on a PRI (they fedexed it to me and I installed it today) on their end …

Both Telco and Software vendor have been very helpful and accomodating – but the problem persists.

I’m running out of ideas.

Went over all of the settings with the Telco provider - and they are correct.

I’ve just now turned off echo cancellation onthe D channel … but even since that change - I see one error.

Does anyone have ideas or suggestions? Could this be some odd Asterisk bug that is brought out by something odd about how Time Warner Telecom’s hardware is configured?

Does anyone else have an Asterisk plugged into a Time Warner Telecom “versapak” PRI? here’s their hardware:


Jacob Reider, MD