Google calendar problems

I have an Asterisk installation which uses a couple Google calendars to control certain functions. It all works great, except when Google re-keys their certificate, which is every couple weeks. When this happens, all calendars show as free and I get the error “connection intercepted?” Restarting Asterisk with “core restart now” fixes the problem for a couple weeks until Google re-keys their certificate again.

I determined that this error is coming from neon, which Asterisk uses to read the calendars. I contacted the maintainer of neon, who responded, fixed neon, and sent me the fixed source. I installed it on the system per instructions I found on the web, however Asterisk is still failing every couple weeks, requiring a restart. So I’m guessing either the problem is not fixed, or Asterisk is not using the neon I installed.

Anyone else had this problem? What is the correct way to re-install neon?

I’ve the same problem: google refuse to accept my password and a method used in calendar.conf are no longer supported.
Error message is: could not authenticate to the server: rejected Basic challenge.