Google calendar integration

Hi all,

I’m trying to setup the integration between asterisk 11.9.0 and a google calendar.
I follow the Asterisk Definitive Guide 4.0 but my asterisk cannot retrieve events from google.
I install all the packages and library that needed for this.

After installation and configuration I can see the calendar but I cannot see the event. I don’t receive any error messages.

I search for reason or if there is some problem with google but I cannot find nothing. This is a configuration that is still valid or this integration, asterisk to google calendar, is out of life?

Thanks a lot

  1 [myGoogleCal]
  2 type=caldav
  3 url=<google mail>/events/
  4 user=<google mail>
  5 secret=<google pass>
  6 refresh=5
  7 timeframe=120
asterisk11*CLI> calendar show calendars 
Calendar             Type       Status
--------             ----       ------
myGoogleCal          caldav     free  
asterisk11*CLI> calendar show calendar myGoogleCal 
Name              : myGoogleCal         
Notify channel    :                     
Notify context    :                     
Notify extension  :                     
Notify applicatio :                     
Notify appdata    :                     
Refresh time      : 5
Timeframe         : 120
Autoreminder      : 0