Google Calendar Integration Repeat Events Not Retrieved


My Google calendar integration (read list of events in a time frame) is working except for repeating events. The 1st event in a series is read, the rest are not present in calendar show calendar [calname].

As a test I scheduled an event to repeat within the same time frame and still only the initial event shows. The Google calendar is also accessed by FullCalendar and repeat events work there.

Is this a bug? Is there a work-around (aside from individual event scheduling)? I saw a post in this forum from 2 years ago with the same problem described but no response. (Google Calendar Integration. Missing periodic events)

There’s a repeat events bug at the top of the bug list where an edited event in the series is creating duplicates. This implies that repeat events (at least his) works. So, I’m wondering if I missed something.

Any help or direction will be very much appreciated.

To whom it may concern, I found a work-around that is suitable for my circumstance: By switching Calendar Server Type from ‘ical’ to ‘caldav’ and changing url: to[email address]/events/’ (in /etc/asterisk/calendar.conf) repeat events show up as expected.

This works for the main calendar; I’m not sure of the url for add-on calendars.


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Asterisk Team updated ASTERISK-27174:

Target Release Version/s: 13.18.0

res_calendar_icalendar: Recurring events not being loaded from Google calendar using ical

            Key: ASTERISK-27174
        Project: Asterisk
     Issue Type: Bug
 Security Level: None
     Components: Resources/res_calendar_icalendar

Affects Versions: 13.15.0
Environment: IncrediblePBX 13-12.3 for Ubuntu 14, Linux 3.13.0-125-generic #174-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jul 10 18:51:24 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
Reporter: Mark Thompson
Assignee: Sean Bright
Severity: Minor
Target Release: 13.18.0

type = ical
Calendar functions okay with single events. All single events in the configured timeframe are listed in "calendar show calendar ". For recurring events only the initial event is listed. All other events in the series are omitted. This problem has been reported at least twice in the Asterisk forums:
Google Calendar Integration. Missing periodic events
Google Calendar Integration Repeat Events Not Retrieved
Note that I had a workaround of switching calendar type from “ical” to “caldav” (along with the appropriate url). However, caldav no longer works due to unknown certificate rejection errors.