Gnophone set up


I am new to asterisk and linux. I cannot find much info about gnophone on the forums.

I am trying to install gnophone on a machine running redhat linux. I aim to use this as a softclient in order to use iaxtel. I have another machine which runs asterisknow and I am hoping to call using the asterisknow machine to use as a gateway to the iaxtel network.

I download and install the following files for gnophone:


for good measure, I also install


i run the gnophone rpm last and i get the following error

package not found
unlocatable package -
required by (‘gnophone’,‘0.2.4’,‘1’)

anyone out there know what this file is and why the rpm wont just run. My version of linux is red hat v4.

I may be well off on this, I have a suspicion that asterisk may need to be installed on the same machine that you wish to use gnophone on… although I am very new to this

Thank you :slight_smile: