Getting Started, working with my phone?

Hi Gang. The plan is to set up an Asterisk server and have me and my friends be able to talk and call up each other for free over the internet. Before I got my asterisk server running, I’ve got a few questions about my VoIP phone.

The phone I have is a Avaya 4610SW IP phone. It requires POE, and I don’t have a POE switch, so I was wondering what the cheapest option is here (I’m an aussie) Would it be this? … dZViewItem With that PoE adaptor, could I just plug my phone right into it and it would power up nicely?

The second question I’ve got is with my phones compatibility, obviously I’ve never had power running to it, so I’m not sure how to configure it or even if it supports SIP and if it will run with Asterisk and other VoIP providers? Any advice here would be great as I can’t find much on the internet about it that answers these specific questions.

Thanks a bunch,


There is a link on this site: to a pdf for enabling sip on your phone.
A quick glance tells me you have to upgrade the firmware first.

Direct pdf link here: … rmware.pdf

I think you would be looking for a POE adaptor like this one: … dZViewItem

Looks more like the one i use.

Thanks, I’ll let you know how I go :smile: