Basic VoIP/Asterisk questions (from a noob)

I am new to the voip (have only used only a web sip services and soft phones). Now i have few questions - very basic.

Would like to connect my phone line to an asterisk server. For that i would need some kind of adapter. There are two alternatives voip gateway or a PCI card to connect the pc with the phone line. Any suggestions for cheaper models?

In order not to use voip phone i will need adapter to act as a medium between the server and my old phone. I suppose Cisco PAP2T (Linksys SPA1001), Cisco SPA112 and Cisco ATA 186 are such adaprots. Which one should i choose if all can do the job?

I may have understand it completely wrong and if so please correct me.

I use the Cisco SPA-3102 it allows you not only to connect an analog phone with asterisk but also be able to use your existing POTS line as a trunk to asterisk if you choose. it is a good device to learn with… there are also plenty of information out there for configuring it with asterisk…

Looks like Cisco SPA-3102 is the most popular device. Will order it and call for help if cannot configute it :smile:

Thank you cadillackid!