Help with new install

ALright, I’m tired of waiting for my cheap company to pay for a virtual pbx, might be quicker and easier for a one-time payment along with the dedicated 800 number we have… What would I need for a setup, and feel free to include any links… thanks.

Needs: Only a virtual calling queue. The person working needs to be able to handle calls in line, instead of the caller calling in and getting a busy signal/hanging up and trying again later.

Hardware: I know I need a linux server, what else? If it works like I want it to, the customer calls the 800 number which comes into a land line, where the linux server manages the queue/plays hold music while busy, and when freed up will call the person who is working at their number.

Software: Just asterisk… ?


Well, you will need


Enough incoming lines to handle the amount of traffic you will have. Via
PSTN lines or T1/E1 or an ITSP to handle your 1800 number (not recommended)

In the case you are not using an ITSP, A telephony card or an IP gateway to handle your incoming line(s)